Many pen scribble around peace,
Many shall scribble still more,
When read them I, disperse my thoughts,
Tears and wails in between each letters.
Many peace fought for,
Many more shall still fight,
Many mouths have spoken around peace,
Many more shall speak,
Yet gnashing teeth of streaming soul dominate the land.
A Creed tied to their soul,
After war, come peace.
The glebe listen to heartbeats,
Of sporadic bullets showering and hell like,
For it hanker it more.
No peace lives on glebe,
Nothing like peace ever existed, nay.
Adam and Eve left in chaos, the garden,
In awryness birthed men,
So peace lives not on land.

When they attain the thorny throne,
Promises travels their lips,
Lamp love stretched forth they,
Stormy storm blew it to war,
To their cupidity.
Our blood propitiate their ancestors
Assuage their burning breads,
So no peace on land.

Peace lives within the body guest,
Of it manager,
And the source to it CEO,
Who entrepreneurs the soul

Peace resides when axes which are meant to be grounded go blunt,
Fierce burning desiring fire,
Are nipped in the bud
Just keep it aglow,
Master peace,
And you shall find it within you.