Behold the jar of heavenly wine,
Drink and read between it drops
As it intoxicates the God seeing eyes,
Sweeten the God hearing ears.

Drink from heart with sweet tone
Mixed with inner ru'h (spirit).

The wine whose bubbling bubbles echoes,
Inebriate the listener ears.

One drop from the jar of wine
Walk you into ten gold,
Not until you break the jar,
You will never taste the wine.

The wine frees heart from sorrow,
Cleanse beauties of differences.

O cupbearers!
Behold the jar of wine,
Drink well,
Read well,
You shall break the whispering covenant with Lucifer
Through heavenly drop
And intoxication.

*Ismail Junaid Oluwadamilare*
*Paciolo Pen Saint writes*