You lady of duo,
Precious still I know,
In mounts of decent glow,
Elsewhere no apple of ages ago,
Sprawl to this age, to meet you-show,
Ocean blue, moon islands, lawn roses, stardust bow,
Are eloquent in fame, but still draped in your overflow.

Akinyi I want to know, why,
You ain't in moody lines like Atieno,
Neither in a decor beholding Njeri,
Far from the stardew bearing Kerubo,
A distinct smile from that of Adhiambo,
Of the float less tango, Akinyi you know,
Why romance leaves Aiysha to birth your story.

You brighter being, perhaps you are,
A Song to the sky, daily duty of the noon,
Garland to the stars ,language of the moon,
Palmist of romance, floral of scenery smiles,
An art to the poets, fairness of heaven's aisles,
Story from a fairytale, a city in the disney world ,
A lyrical line in blues, an entire album twirled.