Just like your ex was a half precious,
Maybe I'll also be a quarter delicious,
Ain't gonna be me alone in this essay,
You ought to be throwing my scent anyway,
Though it isn't you and I it will be you and why.

Tell me why you didn't pick on your ex,
When you know I'll return to the same melting box,
Locked, sealed and packed for another new she- fox,
It mustn't be a delay so let me be a ringing ballcocks
Am the only one but my days are numbered in the clocks.

C'mon you'd liked the fact of the eye,
Leave alone the reality that comes after a goodbye
What's your time zone, is your clock ticking for a bye,
Should I adjust my time cause its like you can't deny,
The fact that, you're almost drowning me in this early July.

Waiting patiently for you to resign,
A slow separation from you will be fine,
Here is another poem that restrict me from blame
If you are still holding on, what is actually your aim?
Until this time let me walk past the doom where am define.