I never thought of anymore,
I kept seeking for no more,
Deep inside me I had seen you before,
Between my heart it's you I adore,
Make me be the one to see your door,
Cause maybe I hold the keys to your floor.

Then that day I saw,
A pretty doll in a picture draw,
Out of sight, my eyes were in an awe,
Telling me to gaze,I merely detected a flaw,
My gaze was bigger, I had to hold it with a claw,
I didn't need to read the rules, the stars were my law.

Of each language sign,
Love language was catching my incline,
My walls were vibrating,was I really fine,
I seemed to be leaning on the cracking line,
Just to spot my midrib who's now a trine,
I'm a captive, kept in jail for the sake of love sign.