Of the pretty words I read,
There was you I saw ahead,
Whenever I'd turn a new page,
Still fresh I saw you at the edge,
The last chapter had a birthmark pledge,
So I payed heed to the narratives of your eyes.

Suddenly the music played,
A name that cost not only a pearl,
Cuckoo wouldn't stop to tell of that girl,
Either a setting sun won't shut off it's bayed,
So I left them all to ask for you from the moon,
It was so soon that I learnt your palm line's tune.

First clock was slow,
Time and time again just to blow,
But that doesn't mean I was on a show,
Cause there was no more one more to hold,
Deeply Liza , I held prayers even in a heart cold,
Maybe somehow you had my time on your threshold.

Perhaps of what is mine,
Is the perpetual boldness of your smile,
With the floral design of your simplest style,
In a ceaseless voice I know of your laugh worthwhile,
For this much I know you did cross a mind six-four mile,
Of what's yours, hold I into your realm till we walk the aisle.