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I smile only ...
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  • Little Noah
    Son this a chapter for you,
    I pledged it on behalf of your mama,
    Not mentioning her on this cause she'll pursue,
    Why I wrote you a chapter before writing her drama, ...
  • Periods
    Her notepad floating in a bathtub
    Telling her boyfriend her periods just started
    They couldn't take the morning bath together
    She was shy ...
  • Thinking On A Woman
    I woke up, and I was 26 years,
    Still sited, waiting here today,
    It's been eighteen hundred days,
    Since you left without a turn nor a wink, ...
  • Will You Marry Me
    Same as I am,
    I float this moment in this paper,
    Perhaps like a letter with no address,
    Like how I'd want to do it in mine's way, ...
  • The Thoughts Of You
    Daughter of my in laws,
    What shall I compare thee to,
    That even the best words are shy,
    To comprehend a twin line for your dimple, ...
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