The Dark Road Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Black beautyA
That's what I thoughtB
It was beautifulC
Darkness flooded the areaD
Lights every now and then surfacing as darkness smothered them So beautiful I couldn't stop looking at itE
What a sightF
The trees edged on along the roadG
Frightful to step on it afraid it might swallow them upH
Staring at the darkness I felt peace Nothing I felt nothingI
Everything was calmJ
Nothing bubbled up threatening to consume me as I sat there staringI
Music playing as we droveK
Darkness It was so beautifulC
It felt like home The road The wind blowing through my hairL
Smiling I wanted to ride foreverM
To never stopN
To feel the wind though my hairL
The reflector singing light to meA
Headlights disappear and reappear round bendsO
See that beautyA
See the darknessP
The car nears it's destinationQ
Which means the end of my happinessP
The end of my driveR
It slows down to a haltS
Starring me last time at the road I smiledT
We will meet againU
One last look at the end of the roadG
One last at my friendV

Nicole Fryer
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/27/2019


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