The fire is warm
Lighting the night sky
It fights against this darkness
The darkness always trying to suppress this light by throwing stones
The fire grows smaller and smaller
The stones laying over this once big flame
The warmth is fading along with the light
Can you feel the cold nipping at your weak skin
Can you feel Darkness pulling at your soul
The stones piled high
The light is gone
The fire is cold
I'm sorry little fire
I'm sorry little flame
Your charcoal is charred
The wood is ash
I can't see you little flame
Please rise up
Please get back up
I'm begging you
The wind blows the fires remains
See this ash
Feel this charcoal in my eye
Can you see the goosebumps on my skin
I can feel the cold
I can feel darkness pulling at my soul
My breath is laboured
I can feel my life pouring out of me
Darkness is trying to claim my soul
He is trying
But I refused
No matter wat I must resist
I won't give in
But my efforts are in vain
Darkness has Death
Darkness has plans
And so Death flows