The dusky moon calls my name
She sees me
She has me in her eyes
She has been watching me for awhile
I can feel her glare
I can feel her gaze
Her eyes are like two knivies
that stab you in the back
Hush my child
It's alright
Come lie in bed
Close your eyes
Feel the peace as you drift away into a deep sleep
Yes close your beautiful brown eyes
You are mine
Yes and mine alone
Drift into dreams
Drift into sleep
Be my love
Be my true love
My one
Close your eyes and stay with me
You stayed before
But then you left
Come now
Rest your head on your soft pillows
Climb under those warm blankets
Can you feel sleep pulling at your soul
Thats darkness
He still wants you
He still stalks you
But he is wasting his efforts
You are mine
Mine alone
He can't have you
Nor can death
I control you in this sleep state
Yes close your eyes
Dream of me
Not of death
Not of darkness
They may think they have you
But you under the control of me
You close your sweet eyes
And dream of me