First dream
I was soaring over the moon, observing certain stars
They were approaching to me, encountered heaven
Eventually took a graceful part in the heaven.

Second dream
Going to London by plane, meeting with my Dad & Mom
Gossiping with them so closer, my inner part of the heart
Peering at their eyes , anyhow introduced my heart.

Third dream
Meeting with my soul mate, gazing at her killing eyes
Wanting to touch her soft face, showing how I'd feel
I wondered it'd be my initial meeting.

Fourth dream
Swimming in a huge pool, with every classmate
Each of them , in the zephyr of enjoyment
Seeing someone, touched her inner soul.

Last dream
Having a joyful picnic, with pals and mentors
Asked, my dream was to be a famed doctor
"Always strive to get the peak of the mountain".

I pondered after getting up, those would come true
Nothing is achieved anything unless it touches the heart.