Biography of Mohammed Arshad Amin

Mohammed Arshad Amin is a 21-year old professional teacher and face by racism, writing poetry is his passion, a budding poet, a famed person as a Rohingya, one of the persecuted people from Myanmar. He is the author of “ Rhythms of The Heart : The Two Rohingyas in Blossom ”, which is the compendium of LOVE & PAIN poems, freelance writer, co-author of many anthologies. His main urge is to be an erudite person to illuminate upcoming generations and to be a renowned poet and he has been writing poetry since 2018. In addition, he has a hunger for tourism.

Furthermore,he has been teaching in the centre of ”NEW LIFE LEARNING CENTRE” in the refugee camp. Being a refugee the world is not for him, as a human the more he strives to create peace, the more he encounters pain and plight. He believes in writing allows him freedom from inside and let him look back to see where he has been and where he is able to go.

He's a co-author of more than hundred international anthologies and also in some Amazon bestselling anthologies such as " LITERARY CHUNKS" , ” SEED OF FAITH" ,"SILENT", ( HEALING AUTUMN”, “( SCHOOL LIFE)”,(POWER OF MOTIVATION)”,( AZADI KA AMRIT MOHTSAV)” ect.... Many of his poems have published in international anthologies, magazines, famous websites and in journals. He's also a poetry editor of many platforms and a moderator in several platforms.

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