Mohammed Arshad Amin Quotes

As your future depends on your present, so try your best to achieve your goals.

Even though you have cancer in your blood, everyone would like to fall in love with you but if you have a fraudulent heart then they will really sorry to fall in love with you.

Now is the time to learn and to build your future, So try your best to achieve your goals.

Don't look back at your past, just see your present and be hope for your good future.

Our pain is invisible, everyone can feel but can't imagine.

Our lives are going to sleep well and sweet dreams but no one is imagining their beauty of dreams.

When you are silent without any action , injustice will come in front of you.

Our life is more beautiful than our thoughts, so don't think negatively and be positive.

Many parents are sacrificing their lives for their children's future but their children don't know about that. They are wasting their time with their girlfriends.

Think about your future, don't think about girlfriend. They will come easily when you achieved your goals.

First believe yourself then believe others because your belief is the foundation of your future.

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