Let me tell you the secret hidden
How to get closer to Leila, your beloved.
Come out of the clutches of your senses,
Free yourself from the chain of 'Nafas'
Coiled up around your neck
Shunt out the tenants from your heart
Open your ears and listen to soul's call
Crying passionately: Leila! Leila! Leila!
But how can a person open his ears!
Unless he's out of his senses five,
And discovers where his soul's ears are--
The only route to get to your beloved
As says the Knower- Of-The-Secrets- Immense--
He who listens, acquires the liberation
Let us listen to soul's tolling bell
It pleads He lives within your closet
That no bodily eye can see through--
Bodily eye tells this world is true
Because our physical senses perceive so.
My heart has got the sole right
To see you with its crystal eye