Unborn Baby Of Kashmir

Sweet Akànandun!
When you come out , you’ll find:
Wailing mothers--
Widowed in the prime of their youth
Molested and raped by men in uniform
Weeping children-
Orphaned while suckling their mothers
Blinded just on opening their eyes
Maimed before they could learn walking
Lynched before they could start speaking

This is not the God's heaven
That you should choose.
I won’t make a fake promise to you
That you’ll never be brutalised,
That you won’t be gunned down
But I can show you a baby warrior
With a mustard grain in it's fist
Ready to break the enemy's tanks
To silence the roaring mortar guns

Sweet angely!
You deserved honey and saffron ,
You deserved a grand reception
A festive welcome of music and light
May you shine with divine light
For you’re such a special gift of God
But tell me would you prefer this world
Where soldiers are blocking the roads!
With barricades of foul words and barbed wire
Where every new born faces the danger
To be dipped in his innocent blood
To be deposited in some unknown grave

You see it from your vantage point
While peeping through your mother's womb
What mayhem is happening outside
Nothing is hidden from your crystal eyes
You see at 12 p.m. police and soldiers
With mortar , tanks, and armoured vehicles,
With sniffer dogs and masked informers

What is our crime? Do you know?
That we love our land ,
That we love freedom,
That we love peace,
That we love our honour,
That we have pride!
And long to live with heads high

Crazy baby!
Hear the sounding shots of fire
They don't allow the people to shout--
The Land we watered with our blood,
That is our motherland,
That belongs to us
You have a better idea now
Of the kind of world
You are destined to come--
To resist and fight
Will you still like to come?
Will you not abondon your idea?