I Am Your Soul Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I speak I hearB
I see I perceiveC
I think I actD
None is there other than meE
I am naked without cloakF
I am your soulA
That is speakingG
That is hearingG
That is seeingG
That is perceivingG
That is thinkingG
That is actingG
Since eternityE
I am never silentH
Havn't been silentH
Since eternityE
No birth no deathI
No question of rebirthJ
I am what I wasK
I will be what I amL
I am here I am thereM
I am far I am nearN
I am up I am belowO
I am in I am outP
Neither this nor thatQ
I am like no thingG
I am in everythingG
I sing in stillnessR
I radiate in darknessR
Who can name meE
Who can know meE
Only he whom I lendS
My eye my ear my tongueT
Call him a faqirN
Who has nothingG
In his begging bowlA
Who am IU
Where I came fromV
I am fromV
the command of my lordW
From God I comeV
To God I goO
I am the jam e jamL
Look into meE
I am the hidden doorN
Of the city of knowledgeX
No entry for a ranting foolY

Mohammad Younus
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/05/2019


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BUHARI CHADI: When time reading your peotry l a m recall the what happen lon time ago .that why i pray Allah refuge and praise you good luck

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