I Am Your Soul


I speak; I hear
I see; I perceive
I think; I act
None is there other than me
I am naked, without cloak
I am your soul-
That is speaking
That is hearing
That is seeing
That is perceiving,
That is thinking,
That is acting
Since eternity
I am never silent
Havn't been silent
Since eternity
No birth, no death
No question of rebirth
I am what I was
I will be what I am
I am here, I am there
I am far, I am near
I am up, I am below
I am in, I am out
Neither this, nor that
I am like no thing
I am in everything
I sing in stillness
I radiate in darkness
Who can name me?
Who can know me?
Only he whom I lend
My eye, my ear, my tongue
Call him a faqir
Who has nothing
In his begging bowl
Who am I?
Where I came from?
I am from
the command of my lord
From God I come,
To God I go
I am the jam e jam
Look into me
I am the hidden door
Of the city of knowledge
No entry for a ranting fool

Mohammad Younus
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