Don't you know
What He said-
Peace be upon you
You are light from My light
You are the secret of My secret
You are not merely a lump of clay-
You are not a compound of four-
Water, clay, fire, and air
Don't you know
He calls you to His home of peace
Come out of My valleys of jalāl and jamāl
Walk to Me and follow My call
I will grace you with a ladder
To come up to My Àrash rung by rung
I am the king over you, your lord
And you are my chosen subject
I give you dominance over all the worlds
Get out of these worlds and come to me
How can a man of clay and water behold!
The exalted lord with gross eyes
But One who loves me, finds me
One who finds me, loves me
He looks at my beauteous face
With the unwavering inward eye
He loves me like the legendary Majnun
Who says: I love Leila and Leila is I