Fighting My Satan Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Fighting My SatanA
Sometimes I seem to be normal outwardlyB
It doesn t mean that I feel better inwardlyB
Sometimes the voices of my Satan overpower meB
Sometimes the calls of my soul overwhelm meB
Sometimes satanic thoughts stir my mindC
Sometimes I control the snakes in my mindC
Inside the closet of my tumultuous mindC
I partake in the battle between Adam and SatanA
Horror movie scenes play out thereD
In the winding streets of my mindC
But I don't flinch rather I just stareD
Don t doubt my ability to win the battleE
On a daily basis I am fighting my SatanA
I go on inflicting pain upon my SatanA
I am feeling better as I subdue my SatanA
Feeling better must not mislead you to believeF
That I have been able to kill my SatanA
It simply means He has gone on a HolidayG
Rather feeling better means that I realiseH
The battle between Adam and Satan never endsH
It continues till one breathes his lastI

Mohammad Younus
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/14/2019


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