Let me go into the Gulmarg
of my heart
And stay in the middle
of my magic eye--
Still, motionless,
and thoughtless
To listen with love
the mellow notes of my soul
To watch myself as
a sovereign in my heart
I am alone here,
with no other sitting by

I am getting in
with my loneliness
Let me sleep
on dream's shoulder
Swaying between
my soul and God
listening to Gabriel's bells
in God's light

If God allowed the people
to barge into my heart
They would see
the seething pain in me
They would see branded
on the walls of my heart
The deep scars that I got
when I was grounded down
They would see my true being,
as I sit inside
Not my masked being,
as I stand outside
They would see me
with double visages: ---
One in the open,
other deep within
They would know
how I shine all the time
They would know
how I sing all the time
They would know
I am the sovereign lord

I am the only one to witness :
My power, my might,
my sound, my light
I am my own witness,
I realise
It is not the mythology,
it is a reality
But it is as difficult to know,
As to pass through a needle-eye