To My Heart I Repent Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


My eyes bleed for comfortA
For my heart is a mound of pungent ulcerationB
Intoxicated with highly alkaline dischargeC
Tears held up for a wide ranging protracted timeD
Because I have been too strong to shed a tearE
But today my broken heart mourns for even a sobF
And I can bear the pain no longerG
Just now I am going to break into tearsH
To spit out the venom that tears have planted in my heartI
Is it sinful to cry to cleanse one's soul off their sufferingJ
How I crave I did this just in timeD
For the tears that my mournsome heart for so long did bleedK
Turned too corrosive for it to abide byL
And deepened the soaring cuts in the ailing heartI
The tears that for so long I withheldM
Leaked out all over my heartI
And from today henceforthN
I shall always cryL
To wash out pent up emotionsO

Michael Aete
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/07/2019


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MarriehyNdanjiNakombe : Touching and beautiful
Lynder Christine: Wow. I love this poem....I wanna shade tears too.
Wonderful piece indeed.
Joseph Bodo: A superb poem,let people cry to relieve themselves of long held emotions
Zedekiah Oguk : Good piece
Lilian Amwomo: Good work.write a few more
Okore: You shall make such a great poet Michael Aete
Shadrack Owuor : Great piece!!!
Makhulo Phelly : Bottled emotions that we all go through from time to time.
Interesting, I retort
Mildred Nyamuuu: Such an inspirational and emotionally refreshening work. Keep on Mike.
Israel Sam: This is for Kenyan men are supposed cry
ochieng' OBUNGA: Great read.
Graham ochieng: An encouraging poem, expecting another one.
Jong Alex: A good piece bro
Beryl: Such a nice piece. Keep on doing it.
Owuor Isaac: Aesthetically Articulated
Elizabeth Owuor: The poem is very encouraging.
Oduor Evelyne: That's a very nice piece . keep it up.
Maxy Okere: That's the situation am in now thanks.

Ishamalisa: Aesthetically articulated
George Jones : This is a great piece

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