I know that you don’t love me the way you love her,
But I don’t understand why you’re still here.
You’re not an expert in hiding your true feelings.
And you were never a good pretender.
I can tell you’re still in love with Amanda.
The guilt clearly shows on your face.

You treat her more kindly than me,
And you look at her in a way that you don’t look at me.
She didn’t want you when you wanted her,
But now she says she loves you.
And she wants to steal you from me.
She’s nothing but an opportunist.

Why can’t you love me as you love her?
She isn’t any prettier or sexier than me.
You know that she doesn’t deserve your love, I do.
She couldn’t perceive how much I love you.
I’ve made up my mind to accept the situation.
And I’ll remain faithful to you wherever life leads us.

You don’t understand the love of a woman.
Even if your love for me doesn’t increase in futurity,
I intend to stay with you for as long as I can.
If she was in my shoes, would she do the same?
I’ve done so many things for you out of love,
But you still refuse to let that opportunist go.