I’d like to talk about my oriental girl.
She has the most intriguing name.
Her features just can’t be disguised.
She’s the prettiest, sexiest girl alive!

Arrion frequents the beach at midday.
She wears a straw hat and sunglasses.
And she puts a towel around her bikini.
She’s the best surfer in the contest.

I wrote her number in my diary
So I can contact her night or day.
All I have to do is dial the ten digits,
And she’ll receive my call in a jiffy.

You don’t have to wonder about her.
She’s an intelligent and ambitious girl.
And if you should meet her now,
You’d fall in love with her right away.

She gives pleasure for pleasure.
That’s what excites me about her.
She knows exactly how to lead,
And I know just how to follow.

Now look at her doing the twist.
This is something I don’t want to miss,
So it’s time to hit the dance floor.
Let’s have three cheers for Arrion!