The silent night worsens the pain I feel inside.
My pillow soaks in the sad tears I shed for you.
You were my little darling a few months ago.
I didn’t expect our relationship to fail so badly.
Darling, please bring back the joy to my heart.
I don’t want to be alone with my fantasies.

You said you were madly in love with me.
And you swore you’d always be my inamorata.
Those words were music to my ears,
But you took your love and strayed from me.
You gave your sweet lips to someone else.
And now he’s experiencing my dreams with you.

Erotic love brings other people happiness.
Why does it make me so sad and blue?
Nobody has the kind of love that I feel for you.
The rain saturates the beautiful flower gardens,
And the sunlight clears away the mist.
But there’s nothing like this feeling in my heart.

I sit beneath the flavescent glow of the moon.
And my desire for you increases by the hour.
I’ll love you until the planets stop orbiting the sun.
Darling, return to me and renew our love.
If you stay away from me and cause me misery,
I’ll never trust another girl as I’ve trusted you.

Who will hold me and squeeze me tightly?
Who will kiss me gently in the morning?
Who will stay with me through thick and thin?
Who will comfort me and dry my tears?
You know that my destiny is in your hands.
And you can fill my physical and emotional needs.