I’ve searched everywhere for a virtuous love,
Tried everything, but couldn’t find it.
I thought such a love didn’t really exist.
And as I was about to call it a day,
I looked across the stage and saw you there,
A peri, beaming and playing the harp canorously.
I came to you with my last breath,
Knelt at your feet and begged for your love.
I saw compassion in your eyes,
I felt the willingness of your hands.
You bent down and coaxed me to get up.
I didn’t try to hide my tears.
You hushed me softly as a mother hush her child.

My hope for a miracle came true.
Though others have turned me down, you said yes.
And you gave me confidence.
You understood all the pain I’ve endured,
I didn’t have to say much.
You softened your heart and took me in
And I felt your divine love begin.
I needed a love that would not fail,
Lonely years were all I knew.
You called me, “Come into my arms, dear.”
I held on to you desperately,
Your tender body warmed my heart.
My gratitude wasn’t enough to reward you.

Your love meant more than life to me,
And a sincere love was all I could give you.
You concealed me from my fears,
Did everything I asked you to do without reluctance.
You loved me affectionately.
And I knew you were prepared to love me more.
We loved as no two people have ever loved.
It seemed as if nothing could go wrong,
Then one disastrous day my troubles came.
I turned around and you weren’t there.
The heart-whole love I knew mysteriously vanished.
Why did it end that way, who can tell?
You were my true love for less time than I desired.

I’m ashamed to say the love I found is gone forever.
The depth of my grief I can’t describe,
Thoughts of not having you badly disturb me.
In patches of silence, my heart laments.
What have I done not to deserve your love?
I sought love and found it in vain.
I had no reason to worry about you growing tired of me,
But now I yearn for even a moment with you.
My heart can’t bear this agony.
You sent me back to the prison of loneliness.
And I’d rather die than live without you.
I’ll never search for love again,
For I know tonight I’ll breathe my last breath.