I miss your tenderness and your beautiful smile.
I cannot describe how painful it is to live without you.
How long will tears of sadness fall from my eyes?
My tears will fall until the day you come back to me.

The lonely years have not erased the memories,
And time increases the eagerness to repossess you.
You are in my thoughts every day and night.
Darling, you alone deserve my supernatural love.

I felt your affection from the moment you kissed me,
And I do not know how to stop loving you.
You broke up with me just when I found satisfaction,
And I have not seen anyone since that day.

I am certain that nobody can duplicate my love.
My supernatural love has no limitation.
No man could love a woman more than I love you.
I never take back my love when I give it to someone.

There is a supernatural love in my heart,
And it is burning like the heat of the meridian sun.
I cannot suppress the ardour inside me,
And nothing can put out the fire of my love.

It is impossible to forget you, my first inamorata,
So I have published this vers libre that I wrote for you.
Darling, I hope that someday you will read it,
And you will recall my promise to love you forever.