Should I let her know how I feel about her?
No, I won’t say a word to entice her,
Although I want her love and I’m dying to be in her arms.
But how else can I reach her heart?
I can’t let her know that I care and how I need her near,
And that is in fact my greatest worry.

She seems to be quite happy with her fiancé,
So I don’t want her wrapped in an eternal triangle.
I must prevent my feelings from showing.
She may not understand how my love blaze for her.
I can hardly stand to see her engagement ring.
I need to get a grip on myself and control my thinking.

How can I get the girl who I love out of my mind?
I want to admit to her that I’m hurting,
But I’ll leave her alone so she can enjoy her love life.
I wonder what she’d do if I approach her?
But maybe things are better this way.
She doesn’t have to know that I live just next-door.