For Stacy-Ann

I approached you with sadness and loneliness.
My heart was consumed with distress.
You felt the trauma that I was going through,
And you tried to help me the best way you could.
Honey, you were remarkably patient with me.

Your love shone brightly in my darkest moments.
Why didn’t I listen to your sound advice?
You put up with me beyond the limit,
But I expected you to overlook all my faults.
I lost my precious pearl when you disowned me.

You willingly did many good things for me,
But I failed to show my appreciation.
I disregarded the value of your priceless love.
I kept putting you to the test until you gave up.
Now your heart has no feelings for me.

The loving person that I knew has become cold.
I understand the reason for your anger,
But I can’t believe you stopped loving me.
Imagine how I felt when I realized it was over.
No other woman can replace my precious pearl.