You’re my baby, my sweet angel.
I’ll always be attracted to you.
The woman I want is here with me.
Baby, you’re the one I adore.

I was a withdrawn composer,
Coping with sadness and depression,
Wondering what life was worth.
Thank God you found me with sanity.
You’ve rescued a dying soul.

You’re my baby, my sweet angel.
Honey, that’s what you are.
There’s no one else on my mind,
You’re the only lover for me.

You must be a celestial being.
There’s a unique love in your heart.
You started something inside me.
The feeling has changed my life.
And this glow will never go away.

You’re my baby, my sweet angel.
The love you show is all I need.
My lips won't kiss another woman.
You’re someone to hold dear.

I’ve felt the agony of loneliness.
When no one else cared for me,
You came to me with your love.
That love has brought me euphoria,
And now my glad heart can sing.

You’re my baby, my sweet angel.
And you’ll be my life partner.
I believe you were made for me.
You’re the one I love so much.