In my dreams, you hug me tightly.
You’ve never held me this way in reality.
When I wake up, you’re not here.
You’re the girl that haunts my nights.
Although I've never literally touched you,
I caress your body and kiss your lips.
You’re in love with me in my dreams.

You don’t love me in the real world.
I fear that my dream won’t come true.
And it adversely affects everything I do.
My mind is full of amatory fantasies.
I should stop dreaming about you, baby,
But I’m so obsessed with your love.
I’ll dream about you until my life ends.

I’ve never loved a girl the way I love you.
And I keep pretending that you love me.
Our love is real only when I’m sleeping.
My friends say it’s just a romantic dream,
But it’s more than a dream for me.
My foolish heart won’t love someone else.
You’re in love with me in my dreams.