Man to his Lord is always ungrateful,
Yet his deeds are to all things unlawful

If not that Allah is more wise and kind
And for His blessings on Jinns and mankind

For all the sins, this world would have declined
But He saves our lives, so wrongs be refined

O Friends! Don't take your living for granted
With good deeds, seeds of hope can be planted

Though its fruit, not here to be harvested
Its reward is just in the End to be granted

And some deeds will hunt its doer in this life
So the reason, in good deeds we must strive

And shun all acts of sin He has forbidden
Because death can come all of a sudden

All the five Pillars of Deen we must uphold
And our faith, to Shaitan, we must leave unsold

We must believe for sure that Allah is One
And reject any idea of a son He has borne

And even Muhammad (SAW) is to Him a servant
And our foot, in his Sunnah, we must not transplant

The alarm of each Solat, in our mind, we must enable
Fasting in Ramadhan is a must if we are able

Payment of Zakat we must make from our wealth
And Hajj we must go so far we're of good health

This is just a kind reminder for those who reflect
For every command of God we must respect

And the Sunnah of the Prophet we must also protect
And all forms of innovation we must reject

We ask Allah to forgive us of all our shortcomings
And save us from Shaitan, the chief of all cursed beings