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Keds1250878727: “Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis (7 September 1876 – 22 June 1938), better known as C. J. Dennis, was an Australian poet and journalist known for his best-selling verse novel The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke (1915).[1] “ Wikipedia

PeterBa87211251: The Children of the Sun but know That while the sun is shining And glad life beckons they must go; For souls too long akin to woe Lost all thro' much repining. Rejuvenation bids them hence, Then who shall cry 'Improvidence'? Clarence Michael Dennis

karjon_hart: Their independence they could see. Achieved by simple unity. -Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis KARJON ASAPFebBlowout

musicrecbot: Take a listen to: Country Towns - Boort by Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis

Faust89823700: Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis - The Music Of Your Voice A vase upon the mantelpiece, A ship upon the sea, A goat upon a mountain-top Are much the same to me; But when you mention melon jam, Or picnics by the creek, Or apple pies, or pantomimes, I love to hear

Ysay83123143: '' Never mind who owns the boat. Pull for the shore''. -Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis . ---------------------------------------------------------

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