Have you not heard the words of the wise?
Words that made others receive the golden prize
Have your eyes not been opened to see?
Or you are like that barren fig tree?
Have you never smelt the scent of peace?
Like the one enjoyed by my 1 week old niece
Like a bombshell, I drop the secret today
A family that prays together, stays together.

Some call me divorce
Who destroys families with no remorse
But why should you be united?
How can my kingdom be expanded?
With disunity comes destruction
Parents divorce,
Children lose their discipline source,
All hell breaks loose

You have eyes but do not see,
You have ears but do not hear,
Let me tell you what I fear,
Prayer makes me feel very weak,
And a prayerful family makes my life so bleak
It unleashes tongues of fire on my bosom
That burn me from top to bottom
If only you knew,
A family that prays together, stays together

Have you not heard?
Where two or more gather in my name?
You will invite your powerful Christ as your holy scripture says!!
Oh you shameless generation do you not know?
A family that prays together, stays together.
Even I the devil cannot penetrate.