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My name is Caution Tawanda Makura. A boy aged with small number of age. I'm short, but I am multi talented. I started to love poems when I was 15 years old and I am going to love them till I reach 115 years. The world knows me better as Man Tawa or Minister Tah. If you are not aware of those names, u need to be part of the world by starting to know now.

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Tracy : Love the poem
Jawuiline: God bless you
Tawanda : I love his poems.

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The Cunnin' Little Thing
 by Eugene Field

When baby wakes of mornings,
Then it's wake, ye people all!
For another day
Of song and play
Has come at our darling's call!
And, till she gets her dinner,
She makes the welkin ring,
And she won't keep still till she's had her fill-

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