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My name is Caution Tawanda Makura. A boy aged with small number of age. I'm short, but I am multi talented. I started to love poems when I was 15 years old and I am going to love them till I reach 115 years. The world knows me better as Man Tawa or Minister Tah. If you are not aware of those names, u need to be part of the world by starting to know now.

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Tracy : Love the poem
Jawuiline: God bless you
Tawanda : I love his poems.

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Isaac Watts Poem
Psalm 102 Part 3
 by Isaac Watts

L. M.
Man's mortality, and Christ's eternity.

It is the Lord our Savior's hand
Weakens our strength amidst the race;
Disease and death at his command
Arrest us, and cut short our days.

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