Where is my Marieal?

A Spanish goddess came
A moment I wanted someone like her the most
I was innocent, so she was
She had find a way between extremes
Just a mere look gave me assurance
Assurance of a miracle
To heal and perfectly amend that broken heart
Which Tasha and my friend Amos had ruptured

She made me to erase that Question
Do this kind really have true love?
She gave me hope to find a way home in the middle of foreign land
I had found one to trust.
After all, she was a goddess right?

I told her, Nyasha was not a name for goddess
Moreso for the Spanish ones
I named her Marieal, My own goddess of broken heart, whom I belived
She had that voice, which would make u drink poison
Because the voice said its medicine

But one day, that one day which was written in future
She looked straight into my eyes
I saw true love.
She smiled, I knew all was well
I tried to utter, I felt the soft finger on my lips.
Sssssshhhhhh I felt the sound,
The goddess was about to take me to her kingdom

Then a phone rang, it was not a new ringing tone
I could not pick it, I was about to go far away
Far away from the past and its threats
It kept on ringing now with more volume.
The sound was now more real than that of the previous
That moment Mareial was getting near to my lips with her lips
Thats when mom yelled, '' Tah the phone is ringing'' I woke up.