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My name is Caution Tawanda Makura. A boy aged with small number of age. I'm short, but I am multi talented. I started to love poems when I was 15 years old and I am going to love them till I reach 115 years. The world knows me better as Man Tawa or Minister Tah. If you are not aware of those names, u need to be part of the world by starting to know now. ...
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Caution Makura Poems

  • Love For A Father
    Bring back that love for a father.

    Why have you substituted the word parents with mother
    Because he spent more time not at home ...
  • My Mariel
    Where is my Marieal?

    A Spanish goddess came
    A moment I wanted someone like her the most ...
  • The Family That Prays Together Stays Together
    Have you not heard the words of the wise?
    Words that made others receive the golden prize
    Have your eyes not been opened to see?
    Or you are like that barren fig tree? ...
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Caution Makura Quotes

  • People treat you according to what you accept from them.
  • Some moments we need to take a step back, to move five steps forward.
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Tracy : Love the poem
Jawuiline: God bless you
Tawanda : I love his poems.

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