You gone?
Tell him to love you harder,
Never strike your head deeper,
Not walk away when you shout,
But hold you, on his warm arm,
He shouldn't give less, but enough,
He should love you like it's the end,
When you cry by the corner of the room,
He gives loads of kisses,
And packets of chocolates when the door closes,
He should sit next to you, kiss you gently,
And say, 'all is fine honey'.

I hope he gives best, that you won't keep calling,
And he's trustworthy, not causing you havoc,
On dark days, I hope he lights your room,
With romantic talks, deep cuddles on the sofa,
I hope he has no barbaric smell on every cuddle,
And his mouth is fresh as that of a civilized dentist,
I hope his chewing is of a king's son,
Not the Azdak of Grusinia, deep with character,
And his style fits your new fashioned claims,
I hope he's more of care.

Dreams inflammation, does he give?
You had dreams, static and strange,
I hope they're alive, the pyramids of Misri,
Don't talk of our success story,
And when not on the lane, talk not of me,
Don't make him feel inferior if he is, talk superiority,
Days made of present, not failed past,
Keep not eyes on the past when present ain't real,
You made a step, take him for the step gone,
I hope he's better, not a nagger,
A cry baby, not even an excuse machine,
I hope he doesn't give fake promises, when you're real,
He should be perfect, imperfect ain't your thing.

I gave you my all, and my rib, made you,
Failure isn't imperfection, it's a chance,
I didn't give burger and pizza you requested,
I didn't buy fancy styles you grabbed at shops,
I didn't pay salon bills, I only paid wages and bills,
Right, I didn't borrow for your sake,
Even when my life ran from real to fake,
You still ate and drunk, dressed and slept in classic appartment,
It'll take me a decade to accept, a lifetime to take it off my heart,
Tell him, not to break your heart because I won't spare his head,
Tell him to pay all your bills, or I'll do,
Tell him to pay your appartment, or else I'll do,
Tell him, you need a crazy lifestyle,
I'll go, not forever though.