My haters will wonder why
A beautiful creature escaped from me,
Though they are the first suspects to me,
I should not blame them of their envy
I just have to have a scrutiny on their envy
If it happens that it was because of their prayers
I mean they were wishing jealously in their prayers
Just to see She and I departed
All of the means that would see us departed
I didn't expect in that era
Because I used to be those means' clearer
But after all intelligence investigations
For all indications the case became obfuscation
Finally, I threw it behind me like a pillion
Then took away my face and darted it on to the vermilion.

The vermilion muted me for all
She became a recalcitrant for all
All my calls and messages were clasped
She clasped like a cabbage and made them collapsed
She hated to see my messages
And the worst part of it was my call
Then pessimistically I stopped the messages
And also impulsively I halted any call
So she ought to know that I hate her now
I bifurcated with her, she should let me drowned
I hated to hear name
The worst was that I hated a girl named with her name.

Hypothetically her demon teamed up
With some dare-devil demons and flew up
After she was spiritually possessed
Even her demon was unsafe,
The demon gone mad and faded away
That's why she also faded away
Please, I'll imaginatively sketch her figure to you
If the figure suits you keep her with you
Preach to her on the wrong impulsive decision she chose.

Now here she is in brief
She has a pointed nose for breath
Her eyes sparkle like debris of gems
It means they bright like blossoms
She has shallow dimples
Her hairs bounce when her head shuffles
She has a moisturized skin
The skin is clammy like that of noble queen
Her breaths dilute ventilation like an Arabian-oud
Know it that her name is not odd
But I'll not gonna tell you her name
If you always read my poems you could know her name
Her sim-cards are Airtel and MTN
Her name doesn't contain N
Her favourite answer is 'nothing'
And also know it that she lacks nothing (except my love)
She used to be beautiful when she frowns
And most beautiful when she smiles
She fits and beautifies beauty itself
Dress never beautifies her itself
Most of her personalities are arcane
But above are the only few as she is human
Please if you meet her
Tell her something that will softened her
Inform her she left her hook
It is still in me as she hooked
And finally don't forget to
Inform her that ''I'm an innocent to
our broke-up''.