It's a must to love you,
The reason never come to you,
To me I don't know why I love you,
We lived a life of blue,
Remember how we sat in que,
Together our knowledges grew,
Many attempted to see you drew,
From me as their jealousical clue,
But they failed and flew.

Remember the time you helped,
You helped me completing my notes,
Which sometimes were parts of tests,
Anytime I scan your handwritings,
I used to remember your smiles,
I feel like to rhapsodised.

I rather stay in agony when you're present,
Than to stay blissful when you're absent,
I preferred your frowns if you cherish me
Than your smiles if you abandon me,
I stay cool and calm when I see your face,
I love seeing the dimples of your face,
I still have the handkerchief you cleaned your face,
I still snif the lotion of your face,
The lotion the handkerchief stole from your face.

Remember your name differs from other names,
There's a demon between us that defames,
Reminisce our relationship how it was well fixed,
In our class in names I was number '6',
Look at the skies how they were well fixed,
Lord also made the earth so thick,
Creatures live in harmony like they don't know sick,
Still I have to lay my hands to seek,
To seek forgiveness and still seek
Purity upon my heart,
To have a heart that will love you so hard,
Never expect me with disloyal heart,
You're the only girl that occupies the heart.

Still loving you like I never,
Still wishing to be with you forever,
Cherishing your love to wherever,
Cruising through enemies as I'm a braver,
You while holding my hand never go back,
Because I'll munch'em like a big shark,
My love I'm the person your heart had been looking for,
Don't disappoint it on what it was looking for,
Let it catch me as I am its best for,
Don't let it tangle on the floor in agony,
Having me to it will take it to a high balcony,
Not ordinary upper floor
But the floor where all lovers need to go,
My love know it that I'm ''still loving you'',
Please and please, don't follow what
An asian poetess said in her poem ''Don't love a Poet'',
I ain't a poet,
I only boil words in pot,
I mean pot of pottery,
Not that poet of poetry.