I said leave me alone poetry
Leave me like how I hate mockery
Detach away from me
Indulge me to get free
I can see your beard dancing
Around your face, circling
It like your lips are no more
Keep on standing away
Don't shamble toward me like a bay.

I have a gargantuan heart
That can survive without a part
Of you dawdling in my ventricle
I had been taught in school
To forgive and forget
But to you, it'll be a nail in my heart
You gave me a hammering
With your that heavy hammer
You also gave me a slaughtering
With your sharpest bayonet

Hefty hefty I am
Like a hulk in a forest I am
I can fight you and even kill you
I'll act brutality on you
Then spare you with babality
Sorry is friendship not babality
You know it takes me for a decade to play
MK, since my last day
I played, in which I acted fatality
On someone who brought mortality.