The mistake I had never expected,
I did it without getting into awareness
Of how it would react.
Lacking that girl in me is like lacking
Of soul in my lonely body
Honestly speaking, she is my helm,
Stark, she is like a bird-cage in my realm
That had been surviving for hundredfolds years,
But all of the sudden escaped,
I'll never ever forget with what happened
To me over that the inevitable mistake I made,
I dissipated her excess blood that was streaming in my capillaries and arteries,
I became a Valetudinarian on this earth,
I don't know how to do,
I don't have any door
To get a great opportunity and chances
So that grins, words of love and glances
Would be sent to me so that my heart's balance
Would have get more and more surface.

The first exposure and the first debacle
I ever stamped my feet into was such,
The first and the last lesson I will be able
To grab and put my heart so much
So that I may avoid the future mistake
Was such the crayfish-case with reaction of shark.
This is the first and the last black dream
I had ever dream within my heart's dream,
This dream made all the sweetest
Dreams I had been dreaming as bitterest,
I felt something so different like to arrest
All the demons that made me to detest
For a while.

I became a waif with no feed,
I didn't know why I exhummed it
This was the quaver-mistake I had,
This is the testimony of what I did
To my lonely and beautiful Babe.
I lost her for all, I don't think
She will forgive me and proceed
Our normal ancient love.

I made a mistake for joking with her,
I made a mistake for allowing rage
To be installed in her heart.
It's a great and worse mistake
To get separate with a faithful girl
Like this gorgeous and lovious girl
People am begging for pardon,
please help me to beg her for our love
Please people I lost her,
People I said I lost her, can't you hear me?
Can't you see how I became a mad person?
Can't you hear what I am saying?
Why your olfactory nerves would not
Smell the odour of my failure?
Wouldn't you use your faith to help me?
Where are my fellow poets?
Where is Lovely Garcia?
Where are Yogiza and John?
Where is Roxie?
Please am begging you, beg her.

She is the only girl you know
She is Fatima Muhammad Hashim,
The girl that loves poems,
The girl that loves peace,
The girl that never looks down
On somebody,
She is the girl that I had been
Telling you, writing poems for her.
She is the girl my heart always
Stays with,
She is the girl my eyes always needs,
She has no hatred, no annoyance,
No betrayal, I know what I am saying
Right now is just that she will not
Come out freely to state her forgiveness.

Please people, please can't you see how
Am busy rolling on the ground,
Staining my dresses and skin,
Scorching my scalp with the rare sun heat,
Boiling my blood with hot sand,
Weakening my hairs with the heat of arid sun,
Draining out my excess saliva by calling for beg,
Roasting my feet with bare hot ground?

Please I set you as proxies that will
Beg her, and if I do like this again
I agree that whatever she does is her own right.
If I do it again, it's not that it's My first
ever mistake, but my last ever opportunity.