I had my full strong heart
But now it was changed from hard
Heart to dazed and broken heart
I don't know how to express these harsh
Feelings am feeling that tarnish
My heart blindly for no reason.
It started from the unknown
Time and indirectly upheaval
I know I don't need to tell
You who does that farrago
To me because she was my part.

She was fazing and dazing
The plate of the clay I was moulding
Up to date as I'm telling you right now.
She broke it for several times into smithereens but nevertheless I endured at times
To resettle and regroup it for uncountable times.
But now, she confiscated it
And took it to unknown hide out
Without indulging me to reach out
The place so as to find it out.
Please members of family
And also my dearly friends
Help me to seek for her pardon
So as to impel her to recover it
Back to me as soon as possible.