The red hued flower bloomed when those little drops
descending from the blue sheet popped,
on it with the rainbow smearing it's hues
and the glimmer of the sunlight was just glued!!

Fondled by the passersby and getting clicked
by them with it's look enticing and bewitched,
the vibrant red shade had grabbed everyone's attention,
complementing the greenery around with the blue sky above!

The resting of the butterflies after fluttering around,
was resembling a painting with the scenery bound,
the dusk calling the lovers who hung out near it,
running their hands over it were forbidden from plucking!

The night with the magenta and the rose's red shade,
was refreshing the mind whoever sat near it's space,
the topsy turvy life of even that bloomed flower,
was on the verge of bidding goodbye to this world!

It started losing it's elegant hue turning into light brown,
might be it's duty of embracing everyone was flown,
the wilted rose withered its petals following the sepals,
was gonna say it's last good bye to all its pals!

The wilted rose shone and sown some moments,
from being loved and fondled by the comrades,
to making everyone enlivened by its glance,
welcoming a new aura at that instance!