Looking at the mirror,
Don't you find the real you?
Who was faded in sparkling others hue,
Getting a minute for self introspection,
You are garnering your identification!

Looking at the mirror,
Doesn't that one person shed tears when you cry?
And that's the person who gives you company when you sigh,
Yes it's the real you getting reflected by the mirror,
You live the life being you the only reason!

Looking at the mirror,
Neither you are having greed, selfishness and ill thoughts,
Because it shows that person who has no blots,
As this world is a stage and you are the performer,
So looking at the mirror doesn't show you are someone's dear!

Looking at the mirror,
Don't you find the courage standing infront?
You have to lead whether you are sharp or blunt,
No one can beat you except your own limits,
It's the own imagination that intrigues!

Looking at the mirror,
You feel you are living for yourself for few secs,
And feel like you don't care whatever life takes,
Getting the real you,
You are sparkling your own hue!!