Hey! Won't you miss me leaving me?
asked my porch when I was sitting beside,
Don't you remember playing on me and rejuvinating?
Won't you be a guilt leaving me alone here suffering?

Hey! Turn back and have a look upon,
screamed my kitchen seeming stubborn,
Did you forget making me messy and greasy?
I've remembered all your tantrums here within!

Won't you regret parting from me my pal?
Snickered my bedroom making me mad,
I've remembered, I'm your best place to get wind down,
How can you think of leaving me like a clown?

"Will you forget me ?" asked my dining hall,
which gave the worth of being together,
"I've remembered all your rants" ,said my table,
What's the point of leaving me here alone?

Don't dare to go away from here?, warned my shower,
which releases my stress everytime I stand under,
Did you forget how I've healed your heart?
Though being pissed off listening to all your part!

I can't even think of thriving without you my home,
where I've felt like being in my own world,
Everything seems faded without your glance,
I'm ready to die on your lap!