It's okay,
To be not okay,
Sometimes to go astray!
To be an indecisive,
And to have an weird perspective!!

It's okay ,
To be in a limbo and in oblivion,
To be shattered and all alone!
To be single and to be rejected,
To be disrespected and misdirected!!

It's okay,
To have pimples, dark circles and facial hair,
To be tanned and not fair!
To be thin or short or to be fatty,
To be silent , introvert or to be chatty!

It's okay,
To have an outmoded personality and arcane,
To lose your mind and be impatient,
To not able to control your emotions,
To change your mind and notions!!

It's okay,
To lose more and win less,
To fail sometimes to impress!
To be not loved by all,
To slowly rise and more fall!!

It's okay,
To be not okay or fine,
To be hindered to shine,
To embrace the flaws and being yourself,
'Cause you're unique and gonna change yourself!!