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  • Social Media- "is That Real You?"
    Just scrolling through the social media,
    Something struck without having any idea!
    Are what we watching through it is real?
    Or we're making our lives blear? ...
  • The Last Goodbye
    "We don't know whether we'll meet,
    Again to embrace each other and greet!"
    She said with a thrilling tone ,
    But I couldn't understand what she shown!! ...
  • When Life Gives You..
    When life gives you,
    Freedom to fly freely in the open sky,
    Then spread your wings without any shy!
    A chance to change, ...
  • Aren't We All Winners?
    Wakin' up every other morning not knowing 'bout 'em,
    Still we move forward to seek and get!
    Don't know whether we'll win or lose,
    Moreover being oblivious to the woes!! ...
  • The Voice Of The Cemetery
    "Don't forget and abandon me burying me deep,
    Stash the memories which will haunt in the sleep!
    I don't know whether I've made you happy,
    Forgive me if I've been a sappy!!" ...
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  • When problems are going to hit you hard, Just shout out saying: I am pretty harder than you!
  • #THE DIARY# Contented being our confidant, It holds on the pain through pen, As a worthy of every drop of ink, It never minds being insane!!
  • #THE CLOCK# The tick tick of the clock, Just cues us to look at our desks, With the pending office works, And the cluttered and messy room!
  • #SHE ROSE# Whelving the incessantly Killing heartbreaks She absconded and rose again To make her own space!!
  • #The sea# The irenic sea is Inundating the capricious souls And drenching them with its elysian surreal beauty!!
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