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A quaintrelle On the way to bloom...
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Subha Laxmi Moharana Poems

  • An Unsent Letter
    Love of theirs couldn't reach their destined place,
    but his deep love for her has still it's trace,
    woefully his voice couldn't heard by her,
    so his love letter turned into an unsent letter! ...
  • A Conversation With The Moon
    Lookin' at the moon with the chin on my cupped palms,
    with the curtains of the window blowing with twinkling stars,
    Everything turned up and down with right and wrong,
    but the darkness was swaying being strong ! ...
  • I Couldn't Quit
    I couldn't quit,
    Though I wanted to but couldn't quit,
    'Cause my worth will be reflected from doing my bit ,
  • The Home's Gazing
    Hey! Won't you miss me leaving me?
    asked my porch when I was sitting beside,
    Don't you remember playing on me and rejuvinating?
    Won't you be a guilt leaving me alone here suffering? ...
  • The Wilted Rose
    The red hued flower bloomed when those little drops
    descending from the blue sheet popped,
    on it with the rainbow smearing it's hues
    and the glimmer of the sunlight was just glued!! ...
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Subha Laxmi Moharana Quotes

  • When problems are going to hit you hard, Just shout out saying: I am pretty harder than you!
  • #THE DIARY# Contented being our confidant, It holds on the pain through pen, As a worthy of every drop of ink, It never minds being insane!!
  • #THE CLOCK# The tick tick of the clock, Just cues us to look at our desks, With the pending office works, And the cluttered and messy room!
  • #SHE ROSE# Whelving the incessantly Killing heartbreaks She absconded and rose again To make her own space!!
  • #The sea# The irenic sea is Inundating the capricious souls And drenching them with its elysian surreal beauty!!
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