Subha Laxmi Moharana Quotes

When you're exhausted by doing good towards others you find the lost person and that's 'YOU'!!

Literally , We haven't got the real meaning of life yet, we choose to be like others forgetting what our life is !

We don't know when is our last goodbye. Just let go of the resentments, ego , hatred and envy towards others. Let no regrets linger within you !

Don't let your fears be an opportunity for others to play with your life .

Vanish the guilts before they catch you, you have the right to lead a peaceful life not a life with stashed guilts !

Always be kind to the person who makes you laugh during your worries and cries with you in your happiness !

//Be a witty creature with modest attitude and a minimalist with chiseled thoughts and sharpen mind//

Maturity is when You realise that money isn't a source to express your love to someone or to be loved by someone!

I thought of detoxicating myself, later I realised I lost many people gradually!!

When you rather choose to meet your friends than to talk via phone Then you're matured enough!!

Make yourself worthy enough to know the worth of everything!

Someone asked- "What is the most painful feeling?" "Leaving someone without letting them realise that you're leaving." I answered!

You don't know yourself until others appear infront of you!!

The glimmer of hope getting reflected from the fire of the candle is just piercing the very fine soul of ours to make us saunter towards the untrampled ways of our lives!!

We don't know when we're gonna die, We don't know when is our last good bye, Still we keep vendetta on others as if we're eternal!!

Life is perfect- When you embrace the imperfectness, And feel its every power and essence!!

The ocean of knowledge , Is sprinkling some of its, On the capricious souls, To settle them down!

Living the journey Is better than Leaving the journey!!

#The sea# The irenic sea is Inundating the capricious souls And drenching them with its elysian surreal beauty!!

#SHE ROSE# Whelving the incessantly Killing heartbreaks She absconded and rose again To make her own space!!

#THE CLOCK# The tick tick of the clock, Just cues us to look at our desks, With the pending office works, And the cluttered and messy room!

#THE DIARY# Contented being our confidant, It holds on the pain through pen, As a worthy of every drop of ink, It never minds being insane!!

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