"Every sunday morning with a cold breeze blowing,
Leaning my head on your's with a cuddling!
Holding the coffee mug gifted by you to me,
Sitting by that glass window pondering 'bout our meet!"

Sitting lonely in our dream house with wrecked desires,
You left me too soon leaving your memories in myriads!
Everywhere I go I feel your presence,
But that might be 'cause I captured your every sense!!

Thought of decluttering your closet ,
And found my precious gift in your set!
It's your gifted coffee mug with printed pic of our first meet,
And a metal heart dangler clinged to it!!

I held it thinking 'bout you and your left memories,
Which haunt me in the dark and cold nights!
Pondering 'bout your sips from my mug,
Giving an enthralling , serene and a tight hug!!

Dusting the cup today I tried to make myself your loved coffee,
And revive the moments of ours from every sip!!
It's been two years I tried to be in my own world,
But your left gestures and surprised moments make me swirl!

Didn't know why looking at the mug my eyes became wet,
Might be you're not here to make everything sorted!
I'm here trying to pull myself away from you,
But I am failing 'cause I loved only you!!