My Life was a book of empty pages,
Some shredded in rages,
Others crayoned in black,
Proof how my life was a wreck.
Then you came into my life,
As my beloved wife.
You cared,
You loved,
You held my hand,
Your kindness was like a magic wand.
You slowly opened the petals of my heart,
Gave my life a push,a start,
And your undying love made me into a poet.
You erased the dark pages of my life clean,
You filled them with colours rainbow hue never seen,
Gave my life the first chapter, a beginning.
Gave me back my self respect,
Receded my anger and hate.
Now the days of my life are filled with a ballad, a sonnet,
Days and nights are musical,
Also lyrical
And with you by my side the ending would be heavenly.